“INDUS RAAG - Music Beyond Borders”

“PAKISTAN's First Grammy Submission”

INDUS RAAG has been created to develop, archive and promote the classical tradition of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. We take this mission as inheritors of the great Indus Valley Civilization.

The project explores the universality of our music, its relevance and commonality among the South Asian countries including India and Pakistan. We strongly believe that our music is a highly exportable commodity in the realm of world heritage; it is "Music Beyond Borders". It is for the first time in 64 years of independence that musicians from both the countries have assembled together to create this collaborative music. They played together and gave accompaniments to each other with profound love and ownership.

The project also aims at the welfare of our artistes who are trying hard to safeguard the centuries old inheritance against all odds. They are exposed to all kinds of social and financial adversity. Their misery is such that during the execution of the project, one of the participating artistes faced a stroke and permanent paralysis. Another died of heart attack and depression. Yet another musician died in a state of sheer poverty. A promising young instrumentalist sustained serious injuries as his house caught fire and was burnt to ashes. One of our highly talented musicians had to leave the country facing serious threats by some religious fanatics for opening a music academy. The list is long and gruesome.

We seek attention of the world community on such extinction of the artistic human resource. We also invite the corporate sector to come forward for this noble cause. All revenues so collected will be directed towards the welfare of our classical musicians and their families. They must survive and flourish! We plan to formalize this welfare activity into an endowment fund. It is a charity with a vision!.

"Indus Raag Sampler"


Online / Live


Track-01 - Raag Aiman
                   Ustat Fateh Ali Khan & Pandit Vishwa Mohan

Track-02 - Raag Basant
                   Mumtaz Sabzal (Banjo)

Track-03 - Raag Nat Naraini
                   Ustad Mubarik Ali Khan
Track-04 - Teentaal
                   Ustad Bashir Khan (Tabla)
Track-05 - Raag Saraswati
                   Javad Bashir & Akbar Ali
Track-06 - Raag Darbari
                   Asad Qizilbash (Sarod)
Track-07 - Raag Kamod
                   Ustad Raza Ali Khan
Track-08 - Raag Vachaspati
                   Ustad Rais Khan & Farhan Khan (Sitra)
Track-09 - Raag Allehya Bilawal
                   Ustad Naseeruddin Saami
Track-10 - Raag Shyam Kalyan
                   Ashraf Sharif Khan (Sitar)
Track-11 - Kafi Sindhi Bhairvi
                   Shaukat Manzoor
Track-12 - Tarana - Suha Sughrai
                   Usat Zafar Ali Khan
Track-13 - Raag Shudh Sarang
                   Sajid Hussain & Kamal Sabri
Track-14 - Thumri Bhairvi
                   Usat Hamid Ali Khan

"Indus Raag Video Promo"


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