Profile series project include booklets containing biographical and artistic information about selected artists. The purpose is to give them proper exposure to the world market apart from introducing Pakistani art in the world community. Each publication will be accompanied with an audio / video CD. Some of the artists featured are as under:

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan - is one of the most acclaimed classical singers of Pakistan.  Comming from Gawalior gharana, he learnt music from his uncle Ustad Umeed Ali Khan. His art is characterized with immense tayyari, and powerful flights (tans) presented in a master’s style. A recipient of many awards including Roshan Ara Gold Medal and Pride of Performance, Fateh Ali Khan has represented Pakistan in many festivals and concerts around the world. He has command over kheyal, thumri and kafi



Ustad Bashir Khan - one of the senior most tabla players in Pakistan, is loved for his fine accompaniment aesthetics. As a soloist, he has proved his competence and abundant knowledge of traditional fixed composition as well as excellent improvisational abilities. He inherits the authentic baaj of Punjab Gharana through his guru Mian Karim Bux Pairana. He has toured United States, South Africa, England, Holland, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, India and Japan. He is teaching tabla art at the prestigious National Academy for performing Arts (NAPA).

Ashraf Sharif Khan - one of our most artistic sitar players. He received his education from his illustrious father Ustad Sharif Khan Poonchwaley. His art is characterized with immense tayyari and creativity. During he is last tour to Pakistan, he gave a beautiful sitar resital and did a studio recording for Tehzeeb Foundation. Ashraf is travelling from Germany to Pakistan at our sitar festival on 5-6 May 2011.


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