Former Prime Minister,
Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Throughout history, music has been a comfortable and effective medium of expression. In our part of the world, it has played an even more important role: it became devotional and spiritual especially when adopted by the Muslim sufi saints as a medium of expressing love and affection for mankind.

As a nation, we inherit this legacy, and it is time that we take ownership to promote a culture of harmony and moderation in our society.

It is a pleasure to see a vibrant organization like Tehzeeb Foundation working for the cause of literature, fine arts and classical music in Pakistan. I hope that Tehzeeb Festival and their other activities will go a long way in creating a softer and sober image of Pakistan in the world community.

I am also happy to know that Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt - a great instrumentalist of the subcontinent - is also attending this festival. This will ensure harmony between the people of the two countries who share a lot in common.

The initiative of Tehzeeb Foundation should be lauded and requires continuous patronage from the government and various sections of the society including the corporate sector. I wish them the best of luck!

Governor Sindh

I am pleased to know that Tehzeeb Foundation of Pakistan is holding its Music Festival 2010. I appreciate their endeavors towards promotion of arts and culture in Pakistan in general, and cosmopolitan Karachi in particular.

It is just befitting that such artistic and creative activities take place in Karachi despite all odds. I am happy that Tehzeeb Festival has already become a permanent and prominent feature in the Karachi’s cultural calendar.

I hope that the festival brings together musicians and lovers of music. I have no doubt that this initiative of the Tehzeeb team will not only benefit the artistes of different genres of music, but will also bring together people from different segments of society on a common platform i.e. spreading peace and harmony through aesthetic culture.

Former Federal Minister for Culture,
Government of Pakistan

It gives me pleasure to acknowledge that Tehzeeb Foundation is playing its due role in promoting the cause of classical arts. I appreciate their devotion and sincerity in promoting pure music in Pakistan.

I would like to add that we, as inheritors of the great Indus Valley Civilization, are obliged to promote a culture of coherence and creativity.

Our musical tradition is not limited to the geographical boundaries, and we see it as a highly exportable commodity. While our sufi tradition has already attracted the attention of the world community, our folk and classical tradition is equally capable to offer a lot more. It is highly sustainable and futuristic.

There has been a strong tradition of patronage for the classical performing arts in this part of the subcontinent. I sincerely feel that now it should be taken up by institutions rather than individuals - Tehzeeb Foundation being one of them.

I wish them all the best!

Vaadi Sur - The Editorial Note

Malahat Awan
Tehzeeb Foundation of Pakistan

The spirit behind Tehzeeb Foundation is to make a quality difference in promoting our culture. Our team is not new to the job but they have given themselves a more challenging assignment: world-class recitals and pure classics!

Yet in view of the upheavals - political and social - there was a big question whether this would be sustainable or not. Tehzeeb team took up the challenge and, by the grace of God, has managed to keep its commitment.

We aim at bringing the finesse of fine arts and classical music to society. We also aim towards the revival of aesthetic culture. The fabulous response that we have received from the public has been very encouraging.

In our Festival and other recitals (including our studio projects), eminent artistes of India and Pakistan have been requisitioned to perform. Our publications are aimed at promoting art and the artiste at the same time.

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