Tehzeeb Foundation has undertaken the development of Qir’at (recitation of Quran) and calligraphy in the realm of Quranic aesthetics. A Qir’at library has been established which contains more than 350 hours of audio and video recordings procured from world sources including Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Some of the asaateza (maestros) featured are:

Al-Sheikh Mohammad Raf’at Al-Misri
Al-Sheikh Mustafa Ismail
Al-Sheikh Mohammad Siddiq Al-Minshavi
Al-Sheikh Mohammad Madian Al-Misri
Al-Sheikh Abdel Mun’im Al-Tookhi
Al-Sheikh Mahmood Al-Banna
Al-Sheikh Raghib Mustafa Al-Ghalwash
Al-Sheikh Antar Saeed Al-Musallam
Al-Sheikh Abdel Hayyee Ahmad Zahran
Qari Syed Buzurg Shah Al-Azhari
Qari Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari

A set of Audio / Video CD’s comprising of select recitals will soon be released. The recordings will also be made available in downloadable format on our website.


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