Tehzeeb Festival & Awads 2013

27th- 28th  June, 2013 - Marrott - Karachi

We welcome you to the Annual Tehzeeb Festival & Awards 2013 spread over two days and six sessions of literary readings, poetry recitals, art exhibitions, authentic folk and classical music. Tehzeeb Awards in five categories will be given to the following eminent personalities:

Dr. Aslam Farrukhi                                         S. Abul Khair Kashif Award
Raza Ali Abidi                                                 S. Abdul Khair Kashif Award
Dr. Pirzada Qasim                                          Shabnam Shakeel Award
Akbar Masoom                                              Shabnam Shakeel Award
Anwar Maqsood                                             Fine Arts & Literature     
Naiza Khan                                                     Fine Arts
Ustad Naseeruddin Saami                             Classical Music
Ustad Altaf Hussain Tafoo Khan                  Classical Music
Mumtaz Ali Sabzal                                         Folk Music

First day music session will be a mix of Pakistani folk, classical & world music by some of the most promising young musicians of Pakistan. Also performing are Caravan Quartet, France who will give a Gypsy Jazz music recital.

The Second and final day will be spread over four master sessions of authentic classical tradition of the Indo-Pak subcontinent. The participants are all greats and highly respected musicians of Pakistan.

We hope you will enjoy the 2-day festival!


DAY ONE:   27th  June 2013

Session 1: Literary Readings

5 pm – Ambassador Hall
                  Raza Ali Abidi                                     Anwar Maqsood
                  Akbar Masoom                                   Dr. Pirzada Qasim
                  Dr. Aslam Farrukhi
Session 2: Tehzeeb Awards Ceremony

8:00 pm – Crystal Ball Room
                 Shields to friends of Tehzeeb
                 Shields to participants of Tehzeeb Festivals
                 Welcome Speech
                 Chief Guest’s Speech
                 Vote of thanks

Session 3: Folk, Classical & World Music

9:00 pm                Mumtaz Ali Sabzal – Banjo
                             Omar Surozi – Sarinda
9:30 pm                Ustad Mehdooz Khohkar – Vocal
10:00 pm              Mazhar Shaggan – Rubab
10:30 pm              Rustam Fateh Ali Khan – Vocal
11:15 pm              Gypsy Jazz Music:
                             Caravan Quartet France & Rustam Fateh Ali Khan

DAY TWO:   28th  June 2013

Session 1: Ahang-e-Khusrau
8 pm – Crystal Ball Room

Ustad Naseeruddin Saami – Vocal
Ustad Bashir Khan – Tabla
Urooj Naseer – Vocal
Rauf Naseer – Harmonium  

Session 2: Celestial Sitar
9:00 pm – Crystal Ball Room

Ustad Riaz Khan & Farhan Khan
Ustad Bashir Khan – Tabla

Session 3: Patiala Gayeki
10:00 pm – Crystal Ball Room

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan & Rustam Fateh Ali Khan
Ustad Bashir Khan – Tabla
Ustad Parvez Paras – Harmonium
Gul Muhammad – Sarangi

Session 4: Tabla Solo Recital
11:00 pm – Crystal Ball Room

Ustad Altaf Hussain Tafoo Khan – Tabla
Wajid Ali – Drums
Salamat Ali – Harmonium

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