Tehzeeb Festival 2012

Official Launch "INDUS RAAG"

6th- 7th  October, 2012 - Marrott - Karachi

We Welcome you to the annual Tehzeeb Festival, Spread over two evenings of enchanting recitals by accomplished and renowned artistes of the subcontinent.

This year's line-up revolves around 'jugalbandi' - an indigenous style of collaborative treatment of notes, beats, scales and composition. It is essentially a friendly venture between two or more musicians in order to explore and appreciate the nuances of each other's musical diction.

Sarangi Ensemble Presents six accomplished Sarangi maestros from Pakistan and India, who will get together to play lilting Rajasthani folk music and classical compositions. This segment will highlight the scintillating magic of the Sarangi, which is sadly nearing extinction, at least in our part of the subcontinent.

Sheema Kermani and her students will come up with the story of the Indus Valley civilisation narrated through inapiring music and choreography. She has based her dance recitals on tracks selected from 'Indus Raag'.

Vidya Shah, a guest artiste from Delhi who has performed in many countries, is an eminent vocalist. She will present her repertoire of classical and Sufi / Bhakti music.

Ustad Naseeruddin Saami, Ashraf Sharif Khan, Shafqat Sakamat Ali Khan and other master performers will also make the evening memorable.

We hope you will enjoy both the evenings.

Malahat Awan
Presidebt - Tehzeeb Foundation


DAY ONE:   6th  October 2012

08:00             Sagar Veena: Noor Zehra Kazim

08:30             Sarangi Ensemble:
                      Kamal Sabri (Delhi)                          Dr. Temur Khan (Rawalpindi)
                      Zohaib Hassan (Lahore)                   Shafqat Ali Khan (Multan)
                      Gul Muhammad (Karachi)                Mazhar Umrao Bundoo Khan (Karachi)
                      Akhtar Hussain (Sukkur)

09:15             Launch of Indus Raag
                      Opening Remarks
                      Speeches by Javed Jabbar, Eaza Kazmi, Ubi Mufti
                      Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani & Others

10:00             Story of Indus and its music
                      Dance Recital by Sheema Kermani & Students

10:45             Kheyal & Tarana:
                      Ustad Naseeuddin Saami

DAY TWO:   7th  October 2012

08:00             Jugalbandi:
                      Kamal Sabri, Mumtaz Sabzal & Bashir Khan   

08:30             Kheyal & Thumri:
                      Shahid Hameed

09:00             Tumri, Dadra & Sufi Music:
                      Vidya Shah (India)

10:00             Classical Sitar:
                      Dance Recital by Sheema Kermani & Students

11:00             Kheyal, Thumri & Kafi:
                      Ustad Shafqat Salamat Ali Kha

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