Tehzeeb Festival 2011

Tehzeeb Awards and Sitar Festival 2011
5th- 6th  May, 2011

As per our commitment to the cause of classical music, we present to you a two day feast of melodious sitar performances by leading artists of Pakistan and India.

We are also happy to share with you that we have recently produced a set of two audio CDs, comprising of live recordings from the Tehzeeb Festival 2010 available at Radio City outlets throughout Pakistan.

At the two day festival as per tradition, we are also giving awards in the following disciplines:

  • Classical Music of the sub-continent 
  • Folk music of Pakistan
  • Urdu Poetry
  • Urdu Prose
  • Fine Arts

We try to offer something new each time for our listeners, and this time we are presenting the first specialized sitar festival in Pakistan.

We are confident that you will be mesmerized by the performances of the participating artists and you will take back fond memories with you. Enjoy!

Performance Schedule:

Day 1:                       5th  May Thursday
Venue:                        Karachi Arts Council Auditorium
Chief Guest:             Pir Aftab Hussain Shah Jilani
Presided by:                Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi
08:00 – 08:30              Kalam -e-Faiz on Sitar by Rakae Jamil                      
08:30 – 09:15              Javed Niazi / Babar Niazi (Folk Music)         
09:15 – 09:45              TEHZEEB AWARDS 2010                                     
                                    Ustad Rais Khan sahib            (Classical Music of the sub-continent)
                                    Javed Niazi / Babar Niazi        (Folk music of Pakistan)
                                    Zehra Nigah                            (Urdu Poetry)
                                    Asad Muhammad Khan           (Urdu Prose)
                                    Salima Hashmi                         (Fine Arts)
09: 45 – 10:00             Break                                                                                      
10:00 – 11:00              Ustad Rais Khan & Farhan Khan  Sitar Recital

Day 2:                        6th May – Friday
Venue:                         Karachi Arts Council Auditorium
Session – one             (Presided by Ustad Imdad Hussain)
08:00 – 08:15              Turab Ali (Sitar)                                             
08:15-  08:35               Beena Raza (Sitar)                             
08:35 – 09:05              Fusion Music by Amir Zaki & Farhan Khan (Guitar & Sitar)               
09:05 – 09:35              Sajid Hussain (Sitar)                          
09:35 – 09:50              Break                                                  
Session- Two             (Presided by Ustad Rais Khan)
09:50 – 10:20             Suhel Rais Khan (from India)  & Huzoor Hasnain Khan (Sitar)
10:20 – Onwards        Ashraf Sharif Khan (Germany) (Sitar Recital)          

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