Tehzeeb Festival 2009

Tehzeeb Festival was held in December 2009, against the exquisite backdrop of Hindu Gymkhana Building, to bring about a grand finale to the cosmopolitan Karachi's cultural calendar. The 2-day Tehzeeb Festival, showcasing some of the best classical performers of the Indo-Pak subcontinent, was rated the biggest event of the year as far as the musical content and quality were concerned. It was also termed as highly futuristic as overall emphasis was on the young performers who are carrying out the classical tradition against all odds.

Some of the participants in Tehzeeb Festival and our subsequent programmes are:

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan
Ustad Raza Ali Khan (India)
Ustad Bashir Khan
Ustad Nazir Khan
Faheem Mazhar
Ustad Parvez Paras
Ustad Zafar Ali Khan
Ustad Abdul Sattar Tari
Nafees Khan - Raees Ahmad Khan
Ikhlaq Hussain - Sitarnawaz
Zohaib Hassan - Saranginawaz
Zulfiqar Ali Mazhar Hussain
Rustam Fateh Ali Khan
Ustad Altaf Hussain Tafoo
Kamal Sabri - Saranginawaz (India)

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