The idea of this project is to promote books, authors and their readership. In order to encourage established and new authors, their literary and research works are procured for onward distribution (free of cost) to libraries and individuals. Some of the books already distributed are:

Kisi aur Zamane Ka Khwab (Urdu) -
by Barrister Zafarullah Khan.

A thought provoking research work on evolution of Islamic law and jurisprudence with emphasis on Ijtehad and important issues faced by present day Islamic world.


Mitti ka Mazmoon (Urdu poems) -
by Farrukh Yar

A promising poet who consciously chose poem as his medium of expression.


Aur Kahan Tak Jana Hai (Urdu Poetry) -
by Akbar Masoom

Two editions of the book have so far been published by Shehrezade Publications. Akbar has also translated a Sindhi novel “Hama ost” written by Agha Saleem.


The Way Out (English) -
by Barrister Zafarullah Khan

An English translation (rather, an improved version) of his Urdu book on the subject of ijtehad. The foreword has been written by Dr. Mahathir Muhammad.

Khushwant Singh Ki Khoobsurat Tehreerain -
(Urdu Translation by Sharif Awan)

The selected works include some of Khushwant Singh’s best writings on Pakistan. Urdu translation carries commentaries by eminent personalities like ABS Jafri (late) and Mrs Shabnam Shakeel. Proceeds from the sale of this book have been donated by the translator to Tehzeeb Foundation.

“Khushwant Singh is known all over the world for his biting reportage, columns and incisive fiction writing. Sharif Awan’s selection and Urdu translation of some of Khushwant Singh’s famous pieces, Khushwant Singh ki Khoobsurat Tehreerein, ranging from an excerpt from his novel, Train to Pakistan, to reporting of Z A Bhutto’s trial and his subsequent execution, is a worthwhile addition to the bookshelves of those who are voracious readers….” (Dawn –Books & Authors Sep 19, 2004).


Books under publication:

Hyderabad Buildings - A Profile
by Sharif Awan

A pictorial study of the architectural heritage of Hyderabad, Sindh. The book aims at preservation and documentation of the old buildings along with their historical background.


Pustak Taal Baran

A rare hand written manuscript by legendary Mian Nabi Bux Kalra-Waley (d. 1948) who was one of the founders of Punjab Gharana in tabla art. The book gives immensely important references to the intricacies of our classical music and knowledge about the taal-system which is its actual subject. The book has been transcribed along with brief explanatory notes by Sharif Awan. The book is of special interest for researchers and connoisseurs of classical music as well as people who are learning music.


Quranic Aesthetics
by Sharif Awan

A study of Islamic fine arts with special reference to the Quranic recitation and calligraphy. The book aims at exploring the spirit and beauty of Quranic language and diction. It is also accompanied with a set of audio CDs containing recitals from renowned Qari's.Sharif studied Qir’at as a subject and as an art from renowned teachers including late Qari Khushi Muhammad Al-Azhari, Qari Buzurg Shah Al- Azhari and Al-Sheikh Abdul Hayee Ahmad Zahran (Egypt).


Shah Lateef ke Panch Rang

A topical selection of Shah Latif Bhitai’s poetry by Sharif Awan with Urdu & English translation by Agha Saleem.

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