We have procured old recordings of great maestros of the past and present times in order to preserve their genious and make it available for the public. While it is an on-going process, the recordings collected and reproduced so far include:



Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan  
: MP3 Format :

Ustad Barkat Ali Khan

: MP3 Format :
Ustad Amanat Ali / Fateh Ali Khansahib  
Ustad Munawwar Ali Khan  
: MP3 Format :
Ustad Salamat Ali Khan  
: MP3 Format :
Ustad Umeed Ali Khan  
: MP3 Format :

Malika Mauseeqi Roshan Ara Begum

Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan (Patiala-walay)    
Ustad Zakir Ali Khan (Sham Chorasi)    
Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan    

The list, however, is essentially inconclusive and persons having similar recordings are requested and invited to share their own personal collections with Tehzeeb Foundation for the noble cause.  All recordings will be made available in published form and in downloadable format at our website.

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