Tehzeeb Awards 2009

Awards were announced for best books published during 2008 and also for classical music and folk music. After getting nominations and assessments from the expert committees, the awards are being given on the occassion of Thezeeb Music Festival, The Awards were given to the following recipients by the Honorable Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan:

Tehzeeb Award for Urdu Poetry -                             Abbas Taabish

Tehzeeb Award for Urdu Prose -                              Mirza Athar Baig

Tehzeeb Award for Fine Arts -                                 Salwat Ali

Tehzeeb Award for Folk Music -                              Reshmaan (Folk singer)

Tehzeeb Award for Classical Music -                        Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (Patiala gharana)

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